A freelance copywriter with 15 years of writing experience and a master’s degree in ‘the good story’. A sharp eye for substance and in-depth knowledge of written words.

The good story builds the brand

It’s no longer enough to have the biggest, most colourful and remarkable ads and campaigns. The media landscape evolves and changes. Fast. And it becomes increasingly harder to predict. So, the roots, the foundation and ‘the fundamental story’ are more important than ever. All brands, companies, organisations and destinations carry a story, which they need to claim, stand by and tell to the world.

Unfortunately, we often forget to spend time digging for the core – and relate to it. But we have to remember that and be good at it because it’s where we find our fundamental values. Where our partners, clients and relations find the reason to like us. The reason to trust us. And, in the end, the reason to do business with us.

I can help find your important story, hone and tweak it perfectly, express it in the perfect tagline or product name. And turn it into great and honest communication.

Just a copywriter

Besides that, I’m just a copywriter; a craftsman, who can optimize the written communication, you send out into the world. I work directly for my own clients and for agencies as a subcontractor.

I’m looking to do more international collaborations. So don’t hesitate to reach out!